When you live in a tourist area like Pembine, Wisconsin, there are many options for things to see and places to go to for an amazing view. Longview Farm Vacation Rental is situated near a bunch of these. I have tried to highlight them for you in some of the previous blogs. Pictured Rocks is another one of these great places to see and to experience. Its fame is naturally connected to the kind of rock formations and colors that show up along the coast of Lake Superior to the east of Munising, Michigan.


“Pictured Rocks offers towering multicolored sandstone cliffs, miles long sparkling beach strands, dashing waterfalls, a huge area of sand dunes, inland lakes and streams. Just like an old-time quilt, this park, which is about the size of five Manhattan Islands, is also a mosaic of human history. Historic sites include an 1874 lighthouse, early U.S. Coast Guard lifeboat stations, old farmsteads and a Civil War era iron blast furnace site. The lake shore includes some 15 miles of cliffs along its 42 mile length. Within the park, nearly 100 miles of trail lead to remote trout streams, secretive bogs, and a system of 14 back-country campsites. The park is open year-round and is truly a four season recreation destination with hiking, canoeing, kayaking, sightseeing, birding, back-country and vehicle based camping, winter ice climbing, ice fishing, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.”  Pictured Rocks

So if you enjoy camping or hiking, you don’t want to miss Pictured Rocks. If you just want an afternoon event that is unforgettable, do the trip to Miner’s Castle at least. Your breath will be taken away as you peak over the edge. Run to the lower vista so you can look across Lake Superior to the multi-colored strata.

While in the area, stop at Munising Falls. They are at the western edge of the Pictured Rocks.  The water from the falls drops about 50 feet over a sandstone cliff and continues to meander down through the valley. You will find very few places that are so peaceful and enjoyable. You may end up deciding to bring a lunch and take it all in. munisingfalls.pictured.rocks

My wife and I have not yet had the opportunity to take the cruise along the cliffs, but from all accounts, that tour is the supreme way to enjoy all of the colors and rock formations. In fact, most of the pictures I have attached here came from the picture gallery of one of the cruise ship companies, not my camera. Pictured Rocks Tours

If you are into the big (and sometimes a bit too in-depth) story of this place, you can visit the archives for a long explanation of the area History of the Pictured Rocks . Or you might be into the lighthouse tour and the waterfall stops all along this area. I have to mention the beaches as well. The idea that there are some really nice beaches in such a rocky area catches some people by surprise, but the beaches can be rather pristine in their own right. You can even see how Kid Rock did the Pictured Rocks in a video about America. Kid Rock at Pictured Rocks

Indian-Drums-Pictured-Rocks   Chapel-Rock-Pictured-Rocks