It has been a marvelous fall in Pembine, WI. We have been privileged to watch the colors change and stretch the joy of the cool nights with warm days clear into November. That is unusual, but we will take it. And the ATV trails have been superb. Except for a week or so of pretty heavy rain, they have been really good. And on top of the trail conditions the surrounding area has been a joy to see on your fall ATV excursions and travels. It is only a matter of time till these trails turn to the place that the snowmobiles travel.

falls and ATV and snowmobilesAnd of course what makes it especially good is that Longview Farm Vacation Rental is right on the  ATV  and snowmobile trail north of Pembine. You can unload your trailer and in 30 seconds you are on your way north or south, depending on whether you feel the need to stop for food in the next 30 minutes or whether you want to wait.

The ATV and snowmobile trails and travels in the Pembine, Dunbar, Goodman area take you along areas of water and through many of the great scenic woods of our towns. You can see all kinds of wildlife, including bear, deer, fox, coyotes, and bobcat to name a few. I think one of my favorite sights was a few years back when coming down a lane I watched a red fox jump straight into the air as it went after its prey.

The other good thing about the ATV and snowmobile travels in around these three towns is that you have plenty of good food that awaits you after a good day of travel through the woods.

  • You can stop in Pembine at the Pembine Family Restaurant (mostly 6:30- 2:00 pm, but check their hours as they are open later Friday-Sunday) PFR Facebook
  • or Paris in Pembine (mostly noon to closing)  Paris
  • In Dunbar you can’t miss Richard’s Supper Club  Richard’s Facebook
  • And The North Country Inn bar and grill  North Country Facebook
  • In Goodman a favorite stop along the trail is the Stoney Ridge Inn (with BP gas station)  Stoney review and information
  • In Pembine, the BP gas station is also right on the trail as you move through town.

We especially appreciate the Dun-good Riders ATV and snowmobile club’s work on the trails, as well as their work throughout the year in sponsoring and organizing many fun events that bring people together on the trails and in their travels. They are superb at supplying plenty of timely information for your travels across the Northeast Wisconsin backwoods. Dun-good Riders

Come see and experience the ATV and snowmobile trails around our area soon. We have the place for you to stay and enjoy at the end of a great time in the woods.