Since I dedicated a blog to Copper Harbor, Michigan, in the Upper Peninsula, I could not help but take time to write about the lake that helps make Copper Harbor a unique location: Lake Superior. This lake is amazing in many aspects and deserves knowing and enjoying. Although it is a 2-hour drive from Longview Farm to the closest part of Lake Superior, it is certainly worth the time. Let me give you some suggested highlights. I remember when our family first visited this northern attraction and began to hear the stories connected to Lake Superior that I was fascinated by its location, size, and history. (See more about this largest fresh water lake in the world: Lake Superior information).

Central to Western Lake Superior

For the sake of my purposes, I will use the Keweenaw Peninsula as a central point from which to go east and west in our travels together. The Keweenaw Peninsua is the land recognized as “copper country” by Father Claude Allouez in 1666developed by the men who were later a part of the California gold rush. It is a land that had no roads, and everything came and went by ship on the unpredictable Lake Superior. The Keweenaw men like John Jacob Astor and the American Fur Company battled the elements in order to make a fortune. (One of my favorite places to visit is an amazing house in Laurium, Michigan, where the ship builder put a dance area on the third floor and he designed a rotating pedestal in his garage for his car since it had no reverse.) Lake Superior mansion

Going west you follow the coast of Lake Superior clear over to Duluth and Thunder Bay (Canada). Lake Superior  To the west, I should definitely highlight the area of Ashland, Wisconsin, which is not in the UP but is right on this western edge of Lake Superior and has some fascinating local venues, including the Chequamegon Hotel and downtown areas (including whole buildings with murals) that reflect local artistry and its history. Ashland on Lake Superior  This is rugged country, but you will find that the more rugged the country, the more beautiful the sights. What is fascinating to me is that almost any historical building from the turn of the 20th century will show some connection to the shipping industry of the lake.

Lake Superior shipping

Lake Superior Shipping

Marquette and East Lake Superior










This part of Lake Superior near NMU is one that my wife knows better than I do since she did her graduate studies in English at NMU. I appreciate the skiing and the food (ahhhh, food is probably a topic for another blog, right?). You have to check out all the unique shops and antiques in the area.

And then we have to stop at the Pictured Rocks area. They are famous among travelers of the UP and Lake Superior. You would do well to give a day or two to seeing this venue and the rock formations and markings left behind by catastrophes of previous eras.

Lake Superior rocks

Lake Superior
Pictured Rocks