Turkey Hunting

Zone 31: Turkey Hunting. Northeast Wisconsin. Come and see it for yourself! You can stay here at Longview Farm Vacation Rental and have direct access to the fall and spring hunt for turkeys right in our backyard.

I know, some of you are not into Turkey Hunting or other kinds of hunting. But for some of us, hunting is a yearly part of the life. And certainly, turkey hunting is a fun but challenging part of the spectrum in the north woods of Wisconsin.

So far, anyone who has hunted on our land has always seen turkeys. We don’t guarantee that you get the bird, because, obviously, that is up to you. We have a good group of wild birds that live, breed, and feed in our woods and on our farm land. It is almost too easy. They are a fun bunch to watch grow up around here. They hatch. They come out and have fun traveling the farm. Then they seem to grow up so quickly before our eyes as they travel the landscape: eating, eating, eating.

So why don’t you come and stay with us this fall or next spring to enjoy a good hunt for the turkeys of zone 31. In the meantime, whether you get a turkey or not, you will enjoy the beauty and relaxation of the north woods and Pembine. We are a full-service rental that will meet all your needs.