Extended Fall: ATV & Hunting

It is the time of year at Longview Farm when we crank up the thermostat. We finally need that furnace pumping out the heat. It has been an exceptional fall, both in beauty and warm weather. While enjoying the extended fall, we have seen that it has been great for ATV travel and for the early hunting parties.

Longview Farm ATV

Judi & I have treasured many days where we could sit on the porch or back deck and drink in the sun, the beautiful colors, and the rest of the landscape. Even our fall project list has been a little more complete or perhaps incomplete, based on doing other things that we could accomplish. We watch the ATVs come and go. We hear the hunting guys warming up their rifles.

But remember that just because the weather is turning colder up here at Longview Farm does not mean we close up shop. We will be here through the shorter days and longer nights. We will have the fire going and the lights on. You can still come to visit us and to enjoy the quiet of the farm and/or the fun of ATV, UTV, hunting, or even winter ice fishing.

Then come back and build a bonfire outside or sit inside in the comfort of the farm rental with your coffee, hot chocolate, or other favorite warm beverage in hand. Watch the Packers, the Vikings, the Lions, your favorite college team or whomever you cheer for. NBA, NFL, and college sports are all here. Sit and relax in our comfy living rooms and turn on the DirectTV.   

Do you need to tune up your machine before you take it out? Or are you having troubles with your machine and already are on the trail? Check out our local dealer and mechanics at Pembine Sport and Lawn. We highly recommend their work and products.

Pass the word along. Longview Farm Vacation Rental is open 12 months: fall, winter, spring, and summer. ATV, UTV, snowmobile, fishing, and hunting. You can find them all year around. And we would love to host your weekend trip.