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Extended Fall: ATV & Hunting

It is the time of year at Longview Farm when we crank up the thermostat. We finally need that furnace pumping out the heat. It has been an exceptional fall, both in beauty and warm weather. While enjoying the extended fall, we have seen that it has been great for ATV travel and for the early hunting parties.

Longview Farm ATV

Judi & I have treasured many days where we could sit on the porch or back deck and drink in the sun, the beautiful colors, and the rest of the landscape. Even our fall project list has been a little more complete or perhaps incomplete, based on doing other things that we could accomplish. We watch the ATVs come and go. We hear the hunting guys warming up their rifles.

But remember that just because the weather is turning colder up here at Longview Farm does not mean we close up shop. We will be here through the shorter days and longer nights. We will have the fire going and the lights on. You can still come to visit us and to enjoy the quiet of the farm and/or the fun of ATV, UTV, hunting, or even winter ice fishing.

Then come back and build a bonfire outside or sit inside in the comfort of the farm rental with your coffee, hot chocolate, or other favorite warm beverage in hand. Watch the Packers, the Vikings, the Lions, your favorite college team or whomever you cheer for. NBA, NFL, and college sports are all here. Sit and relax in our comfy living rooms and turn on the DirectTV.   

Do you need to tune up your machine before you take it out? Or are you having troubles with your machine and already are on the trail? Check out our local dealer and mechanics at Pembine Sport and Lawn. We highly recommend their work and products.

Pass the word along. Longview Farm Vacation Rental is open 12 months: fall, winter, spring, and summer. ATV, UTV, snowmobile, fishing, and hunting. You can find them all year around. And we would love to host your weekend trip.

Fishing Wisconsin

No matter where you live, you will find fishing. And Wisconsin fishing is some of the best in North America. We have a great variety of kinds and places to fish. You can fish in the streams and rivers or lakes, reservoirs, and ponds.

Northeast Wisconsin Fishing

Fly Fishing with Tight Lines

Consider the opportunity you have if you stay with us at Longview Farm Vacation Rental in Pembine, WI. You can enjoy Wisconsin fishing in all of the above venues. You can even hit Lake Michigan or Lake Superior, two of the largest fresh water lakes. They are places that offer amazing fishing and wonderful, natural beauty. You can troll, fly fish, or stand on a bank and cast. You can sit in your canoe and spin your lure past the big lunker waiting in the shadows. It is all here.

What kinds of fishing can you do? Well, Wisconsin definitely has small mouth and large mouth bass. They are a beautiful fish and provide plenty of joy to the fisherman, both in finding, luring, and catching them. Our friends at Tight Lines Fly Fishing  specialize in working catch-and-release up and down the Menominee River in order to give you the pleasure and fun of the Wisconsin outdoors and bass fishing on a fly rod. If you go out on your own, you can catch them with whatever special rig you have. Just don’t miss out on the fun of bass fishing. You will also find the rock, yellow, and white bass in special places through out our state.

Wisconsin fishing also offers you the special sport of finding the local catfish
that grow and prosper here. Now I admit that I am not a fan of this species. But don’t let me deter you from figuring out the latest local hype about what draws these guys to your line. You will find both channel and flathead catfish in these lakes and dams. See more information on these Wisconsin fish at this site.

For the family with kids there is a special joy in introducing the young ones to “pan fish.” Wisconsin fishing has plenty of these beauties. And they are not all just finger size either. The season is plenty long and the different lakes and venues are fairly diverse in order to allow the kids to get out in a small boat. I will never forget having all three of my kids in the boat with me when we hit a school of perch. Man was that fun. Now it did spoil them. They assumed fishing was always that cool and immediate. But I will take it. That memory alone has kept us going for a long time.

Sturgeon fishing is a sport all on its own in Wisconsin. I have never gotten in on the craze, but I understand the pull to get something that big during the short, September season (although there is a “spearing” season on certain lakes in February). The muskie is another Wisconsin fish that you have to pay particular attention to if you want to pursue it. But why not give it a go?  

Finally I will highlight the northern pike. I like this fish because for me it was the greatest challenge when I first moved to Wisconsin. I was used to fishing trout (which Wisconsin has plenty of, along with Salmon). But the trout I knew had to be snagged and played and worked. So catching a northern was like this elusive water creature that could get off my line too easily. Then once I caught on to the fact that you had to get that fish and keep him by attacking the reel with a vengeance, I finally caught them. I still remember my first 7-8 pound northern. That was an amazing fish to me.

Whatever your pleasure in fishing, make Wisconsin, and preferably Longview Farm Vacation Rental, your place to come, stay, fish, and relax. Create some new memories here.

Vacation Rental Season

The winter months up here at Longview Farm Vacation Rental can seem long. I have commented in previous posts about the seasonal changes here in northern Wisconsin. These changes make life more enjoyable. Really they do. And one of those changes, the end of winter, brings us spring with all kinds of hope and joy as we see the buds and flowers coming back.   vacation rental season

I have to admit that this year spring has come earlier than usual and it has made Judi and I more anxious and eager for the full effects of spring to arrive at Longview Farm Vacation Rental. The grass is really green and it is not even May yet. That is unusual. The ATV trails just opened last weekend. That is one of the signals to us that spring is really here. The flowers are a little slower to pop, especially any of the ones that the rabbits decimated during the winter.  We are glad for the ATV sign of spring because it means more of our friends will be coming back soon. We know you enjoy staying at our rental and traveling the backwoods of northern Wisconsin.

Another sign of spring is the arrival of the turkeys at the farm again. They go back into the woods for winter, but they are getting their tribes of young ones ready to come for a visit to our fields and to our yard soon. Yesterday, three of the big “Toms” visited our feeding area, gathering grain for their bellies. They were nice sized (easily 30 pounds) and their beards were nice and long. They were definitely on the prowl. No question but these guys like Longview Farm Vacation Rental as much as you guys do.  

The last sign of spring will be your arrival for another round of fun and relaxation at Longview Farm Vacation Rental. Come and stay with us soon. We can’t wait to see you.

Turkey Hunting

Zone 31: Turkey Hunting. Northeast Wisconsin. Come and see it for yourself! You can stay here at Longview Farm Vacation Rental and have direct access to the fall and spring hunt for turkeys right in our backyard.

I know, some of you are not into Turkey Hunting or other kinds of hunting. But for some of us, hunting is a yearly part of the life. And certainly, turkey hunting is a fun but challenging part of the spectrum in the north woods of Wisconsin.

So far, anyone who has hunted on our land has always seen turkeys. We don’t guarantee that you get the bird, because, obviously, that is up to you. We have a good group of wild birds that live, breed, and feed in our woods and on our farm land. It is almost too easy. They are a fun bunch to watch grow up around here. They hatch. They come out and have fun traveling the farm. Then they seem to grow up so quickly before our eyes as they travel the landscape: eating, eating, eating.

So why don’t you come and stay with us this fall or next spring to enjoy a good hunt for the turkeys of zone 31. In the meantime, whether you get a turkey or not, you will enjoy the beauty and relaxation of the north woods and Pembine. We are a full-service rental that will meet all your needs.






Lake Superior

Since I dedicated a blog to Copper Harbor, Michigan, in the Upper Peninsula, I could not help but take time to write about the lake that helps make Copper Harbor a unique location: Lake Superior. This lake is amazing in many aspects and deserves knowing and enjoying. Although it is a 2-hour drive from Longview Farm to the closest part of Lake Superior, it is certainly worth the time. Let me give you some suggested highlights. I remember when our family first visited this northern attraction and began to hear the stories connected to Lake Superior that I was fascinated by its location, size, and history. (See more about this largest fresh water lake in the world: Lake Superior information).

Central to Western Lake Superior

For the sake of my purposes, I will use the Keweenaw Peninsula as a central point from which to go east and west in our travels together. The Keweenaw Peninsua is the land recognized as “copper country” by Father Claude Allouez in 1666developed by the men who were later a part of the California gold rush. It is a land that had no roads, and everything came and went by ship on the unpredictable Lake Superior. The Keweenaw men like John Jacob Astor and the American Fur Company battled the elements in order to make a fortune. (One of my favorite places to visit is an amazing house in Laurium, Michigan, where the ship builder put a dance area on the third floor and he designed a rotating pedestal in his garage for his car since it had no reverse.) Lake Superior mansion

Going west you follow the coast of Lake Superior clear over to Duluth and Thunder Bay (Canada). Lake Superior  To the west, I should definitely highlight the area of Ashland, Wisconsin, which is not in the UP but is right on this western edge of Lake Superior and has some fascinating local venues, including the Chequamegon Hotel and downtown areas (including whole buildings with murals) that reflect local artistry and its history. Ashland on Lake Superior  This is rugged country, but you will find that the more rugged the country, the more beautiful the sights. What is fascinating to me is that almost any historical building from the turn of the 20th century will show some connection to the shipping industry of the lake.

Lake Superior shipping

Lake Superior Shipping

Marquette and East Lake Superior










This part of Lake Superior near NMU is one that my wife knows better than I do since she did her graduate studies in English at NMU. I appreciate the skiing and the food (ahhhh, food is probably a topic for another blog, right?). You have to check out all the unique shops and antiques in the area.

And then we have to stop at the Pictured Rocks area. They are famous among travelers of the UP and Lake Superior. You would do well to give a day or two to seeing this venue and the rock formations and markings left behind by catastrophes of previous eras.

Lake Superior rocks

Lake Superior
Pictured Rocks


Summer in Northeastern Wisconsin

summer northeast WisconsinHaving just enjoyed the fireworks and cookout of July 4th weekend, I am thinking about how the summer feels. I know we are entering into the second half of the summer of 2016. My take on it is that northeastern Wisconsin is having a really good summer. It has been great so far, and we are definitely enjoying the benefits. We have, without a doubt, had more rain than usual. That just means I get more time on the mower, which isn’t a bad thing really.

Northeastern Wisconsin: Serve those who serve

I am thankful for the new friends we have made through our vacation rental. This weekend we had some firefighters from southern Wisconsin come up to enjoy the ATV trails while spending time at Longview Farm. I was thrilled that we could serve such hard-working  who serve their community all the time.

I am also thankful for some new friends we have made through the Tight Lines fishing group. These friends are always welcomed at Longview Farm, and we hope they are able to come back again to enjoy the fine fly fishing that is available on the Menominee River. These professional fishermen from Tight Lines seem to be busier than ever with the work they do guiding people up and down the river while giving clients a premier fishing experience in this part of northeastern Wisconsin.

The Open Calendar: Northeast Wisconsin opportunities still exist

We do have room for some of you during the month of July and August. Check out the calendar to see what is open during the rest of the summer of 2016. Summertime up here in northeastern Wisconsin still has a ways to go before we approach the fall.


Vacation Rental Season: 4 Seasons


It is that time of year when northeast Wisconsin is coming off of the winter. We are getting ready for the spring and summer vacation rental season. Whew! We survived another winter. Wait! Better yet, we enjoyed it. We had opportunity to ski, snowmobile, ice fish, and play in the snow. We made snowmen, we had snowball fights. We made snow angels with the kids. Well, I am not saying we did all of those things, but we could have. And to enjoy winter here, you need to enjoy the doing of winter. That is part of the unique draw of this part of the world. We have variety.

Vacation Rental Season: It changes

I know. You have heard it said, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait 10 minutes and it will change. It’s Wisconsin after all.”  (Actually, I think I have heard that said in several states.) Well, that may be a little exaggerated, but I have seen some pretty drastic weather and temperature changes on the same day or within a few hours. I have seen sun, hail, snowflakes, and a thunderstorm in the same day. That is really pretty cool. But that variety is also what makes our vacation rental season so good. You can enjoy yourself any time of the year, having different experiences each time.

Vacation Rental Season Enjoy them all                                 vacation rental season

For example: You can fish in the spring when the thaw is on and the fish are running. You can fish in the summer when you enjoy being in your boat while the sun is pleasantly warming the atmosphere. You can fish in the winter while you enjoy your ice house and heater. Each season presents different conditions and challenges. The fishing never gets boring and predictable when you stay at our vacation rental during the different seasons.  Tight Lines Fly Fishing

You can enjoy winter snowmobile rides through the beauty of the snow. You can enjoy the fall rides on your ATV with the colors in full bloom. Or you can hit the summer trails that seem to run endlessly through the woods full of the wild animals in Wisconsin. A four season vacation rental is really a great experience. Try Longview Farm this year.

Winter Fun in Northeastern Wisconsin

So how does a person find anything fun about winter when you are so ready for spring and summer? IT is not easy. But the way to find winter fun is to know the kinds of activities that really, truly are fun to do in winter time. Northern Wisconsin life around Longview Farm Vacation Rental is full of possible answers to this question.

Snowball and Snow men in winter fun

Winter fun could first start with snowball fights. I have had some epic battles in the snow, behind snow forts, or across the lawn. One friend from high school days brought along some snowball launchers to a fight. Now that was cool.

Winter fun continues with making snowmen. Yes, long before FROZEN existed, snow-making memories were happening. And you have to have to the right snow mixture or wet snow content.  winter fun

Ice activities for winter fun

Winter fun is also fabulous on ice. Skating. Broomball. Broomhockey. Real hockey. Whatever form of ice activity you enjoy is great. It might be personal carving on the ice or furious team activity that end with the puck in the back of the net. I think some of my most amusing moments have been had on the ice. Especially with a broom in hand. You have to try it. If you really want to hit the ice, get some ice time at the arena in Iron Mountain, MI.

Winter fun is also found on the ice, while fishing. Fishing through the ice. What a concept. Again, I can see the fun in it if you have a hut that you heat and sit in and dangle the lines down. Lots of good pan fish are waiting to be landed. Meanwhile you can enjoy some chili or dogs and beans with your hot chocolate and coffee. Maybe the big northern pike will make your day.  Ice-Fishing_winter fun

Skiing is winter fun

Winter fun can be found at the ski hill. Even sitting in the lodge is good fun. Rarely is it too cold to enjoy the hill and the moguls, the thrill of the new path or the same old hillsides. And with so many options from beginner to advanced around the area, it must be time to get started.

winter funWinter fun definitely is not found for most of us in cross-country skiing, but I will allow that for some people it is GREAT fun. I get it. You overcome the cold of winter by sweating profusely while launching yourself across the snow. But there is something to be said for gliding across snow-laden fields of white while enjoying the many other beautiful aspects of northern Wisconsin.

Winter fun and ATV’s or Snowmobiles

Winter fun is especially found on snowmobiles and any ATV’s fitted for snow. You glide through the snowy woods while cruising through the many sights of the Wisconsin natural habitat. This is great. Well, I admit that I usually need a visit to my chiropractor after one of these rides, but it is worth the enjoyment of hitting the trails. If you need to rent these beasts (the machines), we suggest you check in with our friends at Pembine Sport and Lawn.

winter fun

Northeast Wisconsin ATV and Snowmobile travels

It has been a marvelous fall in Pembine, WI. We have been privileged to watch the colors change and stretch the joy of the cool nights with warm days clear into November. That is unusual, but we will take it. And the ATV trails have been superb. Except for a week or so of pretty heavy rain, they have been really good. And on top of the trail conditions the surrounding area has been a joy to see on your fall ATV excursions and travels. It is only a matter of time till these trails turn to the place that the snowmobiles travel.

falls and ATV and snowmobilesAnd of course what makes it especially good is that Longview Farm Vacation Rental is right on the  ATV  and snowmobile trail north of Pembine. You can unload your trailer and in 30 seconds you are on your way north or south, depending on whether you feel the need to stop for food in the next 30 minutes or whether you want to wait.

The ATV and snowmobile trails and travels in the Pembine, Dunbar, Goodman area take you along areas of water and through many of the great scenic woods of our towns. You can see all kinds of wildlife, including bear, deer, fox, coyotes, and bobcat to name a few. I think one of my favorite sights was a few years back when coming down a lane I watched a red fox jump straight into the air as it went after its prey.

The other good thing about the ATV and snowmobile travels in around these three towns is that you have plenty of good food that awaits you after a good day of travel through the woods.

  • You can stop in Pembine at the Pembine Family Restaurant (mostly 6:30- 2:00 pm, but check their hours as they are open later Friday-Sunday) PFR Facebook
  • or Paris in Pembine (mostly noon to closing)  Paris
  • In Dunbar you can’t miss Richard’s Supper Club  Richard’s Facebook
  • And The North Country Inn bar and grill  North Country Facebook
  • In Goodman a favorite stop along the trail is the Stoney Ridge Inn (with BP gas station)  Stoney review and information
  • In Pembine, the BP gas station is also right on the trail as you move through town.

We especially appreciate the Dun-good Riders ATV and snowmobile club’s work on the trails, as well as their work throughout the year in sponsoring and organizing many fun events that bring people together on the trails and in their travels. They are superb at supplying plenty of timely information for your travels across the Northeast Wisconsin backwoods. Dun-good Riders

Come see and experience the ATV and snowmobile trails around our area soon. We have the place for you to stay and enjoy at the end of a great time in the woods.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

When you live in a tourist area like Pembine, Wisconsin, there are many options for things to see and places to go to for an amazing view. Longview Farm Vacation Rental is situated near a bunch of these. I have tried to highlight them for you in some of the previous blogs. Pictured Rocks is another one of these great places to see and to experience. Its fame is naturally connected to the kind of rock formations and colors that show up along the coast of Lake Superior to the east of Munising, Michigan.


“Pictured Rocks offers towering multicolored sandstone cliffs, miles long sparkling beach strands, dashing waterfalls, a huge area of sand dunes, inland lakes and streams. Just like an old-time quilt, this park, which is about the size of five Manhattan Islands, is also a mosaic of human history. Historic sites include an 1874 lighthouse, early U.S. Coast Guard lifeboat stations, old farmsteads and a Civil War era iron blast furnace site. The lake shore includes some 15 miles of cliffs along its 42 mile length. Within the park, nearly 100 miles of trail lead to remote trout streams, secretive bogs, and a system of 14 back-country campsites. The park is open year-round and is truly a four season recreation destination with hiking, canoeing, kayaking, sightseeing, birding, back-country and vehicle based camping, winter ice climbing, ice fishing, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.”  Pictured Rocks

So if you enjoy camping or hiking, you don’t want to miss Pictured Rocks. If you just want an afternoon event that is unforgettable, do the trip to Miner’s Castle at least. Your breath will be taken away as you peak over the edge. Run to the lower vista so you can look across Lake Superior to the multi-colored strata.

While in the area, stop at Munising Falls. They are at the western edge of the Pictured Rocks.  The water from the falls drops about 50 feet over a sandstone cliff and continues to meander down through the valley. You will find very few places that are so peaceful and enjoyable. You may end up deciding to bring a lunch and take it all in.

My wife and I have not yet had the opportunity to take the cruise along the cliffs, but from all accounts, that tour is the supreme way to enjoy all of the colors and rock formations. In fact, most of the pictures I have attached here came from the picture gallery of one of the cruise ship companies, not my camera. Pictured Rocks Tours

If you are into the big (and sometimes a bit too in-depth) story of this place, you can visit the archives for a long explanation of the area History of the Pictured Rocks . Or you might be into the lighthouse tour and the waterfall stops all along this area. I have to mention the beaches as well. The idea that there are some really nice beaches in such a rocky area catches some people by surprise, but the beaches can be rather pristine in their own right. You can even see how Kid Rock did the Pictured Rocks in a video about America. Kid Rock at Pictured Rocks

Indian-Drums-Pictured-Rocks   Chapel-Rock-Pictured-Rocks